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  • Since 2007 Medco has invest in order to develop Block A Gas Field in East Aceh and until the present moment. Aceh government, East Aceh Regency, Acehnese People and Stock Holders of Aceh government have also fully support Medco to obstacles happened during the implementation of investment. This condition happened because Acehnese people have expectation which yet cannot be fulfilled by Medco. Hence, this situation is worse caused by a high number of unemployment and low number of big scales investment within this last 20 years. Moreover, Medco highly appreciates the all supports from Aceh government, East Aceh Regency, and entire Acehnese People. "We do hope this there support and cooperation can be increased significantly in the future time, hence the all investor will certainly feel pleased and confident to invest Aceh".

    Herman Husein

  • Aceh is province which is growing in economic aspect after tsunami and MOU treaty. Aceh as an region that start a new age from a long conflict and tsunami, has opened many business opportunities. There are a lot of chances can be developed such as mining, agriculture, forestry and others business, since its angulation on 19 September 2006 Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh has increasing its income occupancy. Aceh Government has always supported to help either domestic or foreign investor to invest and develop Aceh. "Therefore, there is no excuse not to invest in Aceh".  

    Octowandi, Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh

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