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  1. S. Hernandez mengatakan:


    Our company is a registered Fund Manager in China.

    Our Company has Investors seeking opportunities for Investment in the Mining Sector.

    Our company believes that this might be of interest to you.

    Should this be of interest to you or you require further information, please do not hesitate to revert back.


    S. Hernandez.
    AUBC [Asia] Capital.
    Investment Banking.

  2. Syed nizam mengatakan:

    We are indian iron, ateel logistics and power generating company, listed in London and India stock exchanges.
    We are looking for set up NG based and coal based thermal power plant.
    Also if iron ore and NG is avalible we can plan DRI steel plant 100% export oriented.
    We can generate 3000 person direct and indirect employment with more than 1 USD Billion investment.
    We would like visit Aceh in the month of June 2015 to meet government official who are facilitating foreign investors .


    Syed Nizam.

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