peta aceh amazing aceh Aceh Investment and Promotion Board is primarily concerned with investment issues. Its main assignments are preparing macro investment planning, researching and examining investment potentials in Aceh, promoting local potentials, and controlling and monitoring as well as building investment partnerships across all districts/cities in Aceh Province. In order to increase the number of investments in Aceh, it is necessary to make a guideline for Aceh Investment and Promotion to operate so that Aceh’s potentials can be the additional sources of incomes for the province and help prosper the local people. Such a guideline has been prepared as the Board’s strategic planning, vision and missions, objectives, goals, policies, programs, and activities. bainprom - Copy To achieve the desired performance within a short period has been made in accordance with the Board’s vision and missions. The vision is “ACEH BECOMES ONE OF THE LEADING INVESTMENT DESTINATIONS IN 2017.” Based on the vision, the following three missions are to be accomplished. MISSIONS

  • Increase the acceleration of bureaucratic reforms capital investment.
  • Implement integrated planning and control on investment among central government,

    local governments and private sectors.

  • Promote Aceh’s new branding image as one

    of the leading investment destinations.

TARGETS The general target of Aceh Investment and Promotion Board is that the number of investments in Aceh Province increases. While, the specific targets are:

  • The officials’ services toward businesses and the people will be efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable.
  • Wide opportunities are provided for investors to invest in Aceh.
  • Basic data is available and can be used as initial information by investors.
  • Satisfactory licensing services can be delivered to both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Effective promotional activities can be conducted to attract both domestic and foreign investors.
  • Investment partnerships can be established either with domestic or foreign investors.
  • The number of business partnerships among small-scale businesses and cooperatives and large-scale businesses can be established.
  • The guidance and control will improve and conducive investment atmospheres will be provided for the investors in Aceh Province.

GOALS In accordance with its mandate, duties, and functions, Aceh Investment and Promotion Board’s (BIP Aceh) goals are as follow:

  • Improving the officials’ excellent services to businesses and the people
  • Exploring the province’s potentials that can attract investors to invest
  • Providing accurate basic data as a guideline for investment planning
  • Improving the quality and quantity of licensing services provided to both foreign and domestic investors
  • Conducting promotional activities that would attract to investors to invest their money
  • Establishing investment partnerships at either regional or international levels
  • Encouraging the establishment of partnerships among small-scale businesses and cooperatives and large-scale businesses
  • Improving the quality of coordination and controlling the investment-related activities between the province and districts/cities