Duties and Function

Based on Aceh Law No. 5 Year 2007 dated October 5, 2007 on the organizational structures and work procedures of the provincial agencies, boards, and institutions, Aceh Investment and Promotion’s main duty is to assist the Governor of Aceh in conducting promotional activities and issuing licenses to investors as well as developing investment as regulated by the law.

While the Board’s functions are:

  • Implementing administrative affairs
  • Preparing the annual, midterm and long-term work programs
  • Preparing and formulating the technical policies on investment and promotions
  • Developing the integration of the preparation of work planning and program among investment-related institutions in Aceh
  • Issuing recommendations, licenses, registering enterprises and providing general services on investment and promotion affairs across districts/cities
  • Guiding and developing investment and promotional activities
  • Overseeing and monitoring the operations of investment implementations
  • Conducting promotions and exhibitions and disseminating information for the development of investment in Aceh Province
  • Coordinating with other related institutions about investment and promotional affairs
  • Performing other official duties as mandated by the Governor of Aceh

Based on its main duty and functions,  Aceh Investment and Promotion Board are granted with the following authorities:

  • Building partnerships on investments with districts or cities throughout Aceh Province
  • Formulating policies and plans on investments
  • Conducting comprehensive identification on the province’s potential resources for the sake of planning and control of macro investment developments in Aceh
  • Issuing investment licenses in order to help ease the one-stop service system
  • Monitoring and controlling the implementation of investment activities in Aceh Province.