Governor Foreword


dr. Zaini Abdullah
Governor of Aceh

All praises and gratitude are due to God the Almighty for giving us ability to provide you information about investment opportunity in Aceh. Peace may be bestowed upon His messenger, Prophet Muhammad PBUH who gave us example how to be tolerant and kind to others.

Aceh is your investment destination. As a special province in Indonesia, Aceh gains several opportunities a head among others: friendly investment laws, geographical position, abundant natural resources, and human capital.

Friendly investment laws started from Bill No. 11 on Government of Aceh, in 2006. It gives Aceh opportunities to be more innovative and accommodate Aceh’s needs, including business plans and action plans. In fact, this law enhances the Free Trade Zone and Free Port of Sabang’ Bill No. 37 of 2002 which made Aceh as Western Business Gate of Indonesia. Those freedom on economics activities also supported by President Regulations No. 11 of 2010 to give Aceh permission to achieve more regional and international business ventures directly.

Another thing that makes Aceh as one of the best place to invest is its location proximity. If we put Aceh as a center, then East Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, along with Australia and New Zealand are growing potential markets. This geographical position is a beneficial networking for long term investment activities.

Aceh also has abundant natural resources. Coffee, cocoa, rubber, and palm oil are just a short list of them. Not to mention mineral resources located inland and offshore of Aceh. Potential investors can gain beneficial of all of these commodities using productive and hardworking human resources of Aceh. The Government of Aceh provides 20% of its annual budget for human capital so they can be your partners in these opportunities.

A brand-new Aceh is just right for your investment in the future. We welcome you to invest in amazing Aceh.